Tapes for Misc. Applications

Lane Marking Tapes / Floor Marking Tapes
  • Used for marking of aisles, hazard marking areas, work stations, forklift movements, gangways.
  • Provides very aesthetic look to area.
  • Meets 5S standards.
  • Resistance to medium abrasion.
  • Resistance to water.
  • Resistance to many chemicals.

Ducting & Insulation Tapes
  • Waterproof sealing.
  • Works on many surfaces like metal, rubber, polymers, glass, fibre glass and glass.
  • Strong bonding provides everlasting sealing of ducts.
  • Resistance to many chemicals.
  • Good working temperature range.

BOPP Tapes
  • General Purpose carton packing tapes.
  • Available in any required color shades.
  • Available with acrylic, rubber and hot melt adhesives for varieties of applications.

HDPE Tapes
  • High strength tapes for extra binding strength is required.
  • Normally used in packaging of HDPE bags.