About Us

We have been in this business since 1988 and have all sorts of experiences which helps us facilitate our customers in their typical applications with the most efficient alternatives. Our customers consider us as “QUALITY SUPPLIERS”. Our customers also refer us as “INNOVATIVE SOLUTION PROVIDER” to meet with their changing requirements. Our main motto in the business is to earn our customers’ loyalty by satisfying them with prompt services and best quality in the market.
the innovative hub for packaging solutions
Mehjal Adhesive Tapes Pvt. Ltd the innovative hub for bonding, sealing, fastening, mounting and packaging solutions offers thousands of different qualities of tapes, adhesives, sealants, labels and packaging materials for varieties of different applications. On the fascinating matrix of state of art facilities installed ensures quality of material that is rolled out. We have our client base spread across the country served by our Technocrats and widely spread distribution network ensuring immediate responses in catering the requirements of our valued customers.

special application techniques
We also undertake jobs where in we have to apply our products which require special application techniques and extra care which are not adaptable by customers. In cases where it can be completed without involving any extra labour or equipments, we do it for free of costs for our key customers. This ensures proper utilization of our products ensuring maximum value of spent money by our customers.

quality products
Along with our quality products, we also facilitate our customers with free deliveries, after sales services, guarantees and warrantees. We endeavor ourselves as providing best supports to our customers round the clock which is empowered by the huge stocks of every required products lying at our godowns to ensure uninterrupted and emergency supplies whenever required. We stay just a phone call away from our customers in case of emergencies, developments and troubleshooting.

Our mission
Our mission is to thrive in the market with utmost level of excellence, creativity, innovations and skills in all the required aspects of products, teamwork, distribution, services and customer satisfaction. All these will help us to add a value to our business that has a vision to be uniquely referred hub for our prevailing products.