Tapes for Paper and Printing Industries

Plate Mounting Tapes (cloth base / foam base / PE base / PVC base)
  • Normally used for mounting nylon / rubber / photopolymer printing plates to the cylinder in flexographic printing machines.
  • Use of these tapes, flexo printing quality is enhanced.
  • Reduced dot gain.
  • Foam tape enables fine halftone printing.
  • Higher peel adhesion to most common plates.
  • Low tack on one side and higher tack on other side can be made available where higher tack can be applied on the plate side and lower tack on the cylinder side.

Thermal Insulation Tapes
  • PTFE Tapes are normally used for thermal insulation application in cutting application in printing application.
  • Offers low coefficient of friction.
  • Heat Resistance.
  • Anti-stick and release characteristics.
  • Chemical resistance.
  • Can be used for roller wrapping.
  • Coated with Silicone adhesive on one side.
  • Temperature resistance upto 260oC.
  • Can be used in sealing of polymer film in FFS, impulse sealer, band sealer, bag making machines, etc.

Splicing Tapes
  • Backing material available from 0.01mm thickness to 0.125mm thickness.
  • Available with different dimensional strengths.
  • Available in tensile strengths from 0.8kg/inch to 42 kg/inch.
  • Provides excellent shear strength to ensure the proper splicing of material.

Hot Foil Stamping Tapes
  • Normally used to mount metal plate to cylinder for embossed printing.
  • Temperature resistance upto 180oC.
  • Can be removed easily.
  • Does not leave any adhesive residue.

Repulpable Tapes
  • This tape is constructed using a tissue paper as carrier material coated with synthetic resin water adhesive on both sides.
  • Eco-friendly – Carrier, adhesive and liner can be converted into pulp again and reused.
  • Suitable for very high speed splicing in paper process industries.
  • Suitable for low and medium speed splicing in newspaper and heavy weight paper industries.
  • Easy to tear of the excess paper.
  • Also available in single sided adhesive coating.

PTFE Coated Glass Fabrics
  • Normally used for roller covering.
  • Offers low co-efficient of friction.
  • Temperature resistance upto 180oC.
  • Anti-Stick and release characteristics.
  • Chemical resistance.

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Ink Testing Tapes in UV Offset Printing
  • These tapes are made of cellulose film coated with a specially formulated adhesive.
  • Used to test the peel off strength of ink coated on a surface.
  • Used by almost all Unvarnished Offset printers.