Tapes for Plywood Industry

Green Veneer Tapes (WACO Brand)
  • Used by plywood manufacturers during peeling of veneer for manufacturing plywood.
  • Reduces loss of material due to shrinking and splitting.
  • Helps to retard moisture dissipation at veneer edges and helps in counteracting the split developments.

Core Veneer Tapes (WACO Brand)
  • Eliminates stapling.
  • High strength kraft paper backing ensures building core panels.
  • Perforation ensures strong bonding between two layers.

Dry Veneer Tapes (WACO Brand)
  • Waco Plain Veneer Splicing Tape is made from strong kraft paper coated with a blend of high-grade adhesives for firm adherence to veneer and wood surfaces. This is available in rolls of widths ranging from 10 mm upwards. Perforated veneer Tape is made on a highly sophisticated converter and is available in 10 mm, 12mm, 18 mm and 24 mm width rolls. This Product is indispensable to the decorative plywood manufacturer. Our veneer tapes have been developed specially for the decorative and commercial plywood industry and are manufactured to rigid laboratory specifications.

White Veneer Tapes for decorative veneer (WACO Brand)
  • The especially selected paper used is a strong, thin, light white kraft paper which prevents formation of shadows / impressions when used on pale and thin veneers.
  • All materials used are ACID AND FAT FREE thus avoiding specking formation and staining of veneers.
  • The especially formulated glue has a very quick adherence on all species of wood.
  • The special thin paper avoids fibre deformation and pressure marks.
  • The tape is strong even when moistened.
  • The product is odourless.
  • Available perforated or plain.
  • Made under rigid quality control conditions, thus enhancing product reliability.
  • Proper storage ensures long life.